What is this Journey

This journey is for large complex organisations across most of the industry where they need to move away from a mindset of fixed destination to continuous journey

Delivering software in an iterative and continuous manner is not optional in today’s “Always Now” age of the customer; customers are becoming less patient and are expecting to interact almost instantly.Almost every organisation is trying to change the way they operate in a digital world.

To adapt and succeed in the changing digital world, the biggest mindset change needed is to build an experimentation culture

Key enabler for creating an experimentation culture mindset is ability to change. To enable this culture you need to be able to adapt to change fast. From anecdotal evidences, Amazon and Google have a success rate of less than ten per cent in innovations. But what truly makes these firms is a result of both the 90 per cent and the ten per cent. To put it simply, the firms have to build and pilot 100 ideas to find the top ten successful ideas. The company learns from its mistakes – which is possible only through quick change. These companies rollout more than 100 changes in a day. The only constant is change.

In the past we focused on reaching the destination. Focus was on meeting deadline for the project irrespective of the quality, technical debt, performance issues and if the end customer actually wants the feature or not i.e. you are reaching the right destination or not

The new mindset is to focus on the CAR and the JOURNEY. Focus on the car, focus on maintenance of the car, focus on how to remove impediments, align yourself to road conditions and most importantly align yourself to the direction you are going in. If you do this then you will invariably reach the destination and the experience  will be far better than before

Having a good solid Engineering and Method is like having a good car which is maintained well with excellent road condition.

Your goal is create ENTERPRISE STARTUP. A place where we have  an autonomous product team, running their own P&L, reporting to internal investors, but making decisions on a day to day basis, test and fail fast by deploying MVPs, and iterate

Imagine enterprise employees on a Google campus!

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