What is this Journey

This journey is for large complex organisations from their current ways of thinking software development similar to “delivering a baby” to a completely new ways of thinking software development which is similar to “Manufacturing a car”. And more so, delivering a great car.

Delivering a baby: as for me it symbolises heroic, long painful process which is invariably more than 36 weeks to 40 weeks but what you get in the end is beautiful

Manufacturing a car: as that for me symbolises systematic, process driven, collaborative ways of working with lots of automation all the way but the outcome is still beautiful

Manufacturing a great car: As this is where innovation starts. This is where we come out of thinking car as something made of different parts like engine, brakes etc and think of car as something we drive and for few it is also a status symbol

I am not sure if this thought process will help you but if you are working for a large complex organisation or have multi vendor set up each delivering different bits or have people who operate from different locations or have lots of legacy application in the ecosystem or have a team size more than 100 than it will surely benefit you in delivering projects successfully and provide a different lens to look things ...read more on the journey

Strategic or featured article

ForwardFast method approach

Below article is featured in iamwire as well

Enterprise startup: Three pillars for striving in fast changing IT environments

Great conference with Ian Mahoney of Marks and Spencer at ChiefMarTech

SapientNitro: Marks and spencer’s Journey from main street retailer to digital native – Lessons shared at MarTech europe

Spoke at Digital Transformation program at Unicorn

Real business article on enterprise successful habits

Selected by IPA for the best SXSW 2016 proposal

Article on Innovation with few colleagues from Sapient What is Innovation and how do we use it to deliver results

Maturity model

Engineering the “Delivery model”

Continuous delivery tools landscape

On ranger 4 website: 7 habits

On ranger 4 website: DevOps Friday

SapientNitro: Strategies for global eCommerce rollouts

SapientNitro: 8 Emerging trends in eCommerce Technology

Quite excited to apply at SXSW


Get same people manufacturing more cars


Replace people with machines for manufacturing engines


Avoid people making mistakes in creating a car

7 habits of highly ineffective enterprises 3 rule of thumb when it comes to automation  Begin with the end in Mind
Who moved my cheese  Caching strategy with focus on full page caching and TTL Beware of talkers
ONE TEAM Top 5 best practises for front end performance Breaking application into functional clusters
That’s what we did in the last project and it was a success Secret to successful front end functional testing: Perceptual diff Don’t forget the basics
Developer is the king Are we moving towards NOOPS Latest architecture patterns
Survey: Large organisations wants to embrace continuous delivery Give more control to business Smaller frequent releases
How to build a platform which will survive Black Friday

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