Who moved my cheese

Who Moved My Cheese? features four characters: two mice, “Sniff” and “Scurry,” and two littlepeople, miniature humans in essence, “Hem” and “Haw”. They live in a maze, a representation of one’s environment, and look for cheese, representative of happiness and success.

Books teach us many things but a few lessons which I believe are very relevant to enterprises when scaling engineering for digital. All of the notes are from Haw from “Who moved my cheese” book from Dr Spencer Johnson

Change Happens They Keep Moving The Cheese

Relevance for us – Adopting continuous delivery mind set is a big cultural change for the enterprise brand. But the fact is that it is not optional. To survive we have to change. Today it is continuous delivery, tomorrow it will be continuous operation and then something else

Anticipate Change Get Ready For The Cheese To Move

Relevance for us – Find out the right moment to initiate the change. Prioritising your backlog, give importance to technical debt and anticipate changes from operations are few aspects to consider

Monitor Change Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old

Relevance for us – Monitoring and predictive analysis is a big part of the process. Social sentiments and other internal tools like surveys are representative of what your employees are thinking of the change

Adapt To Change QuicklyThe Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese

Relevance for us – Experimentation culture and not fearing to fail is an important aspect to consider and adopt

Enjoy Change!Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese!

Relevance for us – Change is never easy. We will always face issues to start with but that’s the fun part as that is where we learn new things. So enjoy the change

I am sure there is much more to learn from this book which relates to us. Please share your thoughts.


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