Maturity model

Maturity model helps you to see bigger picture and assesses where you are as an organization within the DevOps and Continuous Delivery space so that it is easier to assess how much more ground we need to cover.

This can also be used as a reporting tool as part of the process to understand if there are improvements made overall in the transformation.

There are multiple DevOps maturity model which are already defined and goal is certainly to not repeat these here. My goal is to provide more objective assessment and help in creating that action plan in a more interactive fashion.

Some existing DevOps Maturity models include:

Based on my personal experience and research, for large enterprises, there are 10 key factors to measure and most of the action plan will surround around these 10 factors.

Please download the maturity model and select your level in Column D for each of the 10 factors. This will give you the score. You can select the area for your organization which you want to include in the action plan based on the current state.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if I could be of any assistance in this small exercise.

Maturity model 1 3 



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