Survey: Large organisations wants to embrace continuous delivery

Technology leaders from big brands and agencies took this survey and results were very interesting

100% of the leaders who are working for this organisations wants to adopt DevOps and continuous delivery. So as we always used to say… it is not a question of  “Why” but it is “How”

Best definition of Devops and continuous delivery was-

“DevOps is about getting everyone in the organisation (particularly Development and IT Operations) pulling in the same direction by (a) setting common goals and priorities, (b) sharing the responsibility for success and failure across the organisation, and (c) constantly improving communication channels, processes, infrastructure and tools to remove bottlenecks and allow a consistent flow of value to the business’ customers. Continuous delivery is the automation of the software development process from code construction through live production deployment. Simply stated, both DevOps and Continuous Delivery are about reducing cycle time, improving product quality and productivity – bring working, high quality software to production faster”

Other learnings on the subjective questions are documented as part of the Engineering the delivery model posts

This picture summaries statistical key findings






One thought on “Survey: Large organisations wants to embrace continuous delivery

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