About US

My name is Pinak Kiran Vedalankar and I am Vice President Technology in Sapient’s UK business unit.

I have 17 years of experience in consulting and agency,  primarily in technology leadership, modern engineering, business and IT alignment and converting enterprises into a startup. My expertise is in delivering extremely complex platform including ecommerce , content ,social and all other digital applications with focus on enterprise transformation

I am graduate from CMTO with Distinction, you can find more details about CMTO at http://sapientnitroblog.com/post/92035552475

My core beliefs is to move from linear thinking to exponential thinking leveraging below

  • Start with “Why”. Then describe “How” and then come to “What”. Follow Simon Sinek’s principle of “Starting with Why”. This will help in finding innovative ways to doing things which will be faster and achieve better results. You will be surprised on how you can find something different and more impactful everytime
  • Being and thinking positive – I firmly believe that we need to be positive and think positive as that is the only way we can remain calm and achieve what we want to achieve in professional and personal life. Highly inspired by “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne
  • Follow first principles reasoning. Go right to the core truth and reason up from there rather than reasoning by Analogy. This is what Elan Musk followed all his life. There are occasions when you have to follow the principle of “Don’t reinvent the wheel”. On those occasions, find out if something has been done once and it has met the desired outcome using the first principle approach. Sharing knowledge from my learning is also a key to this belief so others can learn from what I have done



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